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In 2019, Craft began a series of cinematic video and audio collaborations as part of JediCollective. contributing original music production, sound design and as Creative Producer.


In 2018 Craft produced music for a modern theatre production "L'Abruzzese a New York" and performing with the cast on tour in Abruzzo, Italy

Techno Theatre Act - Abruzzo, Italy 2018

Born in NYC, Craft is an international techno producer and music composer based in Brooklyn with strong roots in Rome, Italy. He began as a DJ in New York in 1994 and started producing original music in 1999 in Rome. His discography includes over 100 releases in vinyl and digital formats across 15 EP’s, 2 concept albums, collaborations and remixes on more than 40 labels based in a dozen countries. In 2014 he composed a musical score for a Mexican cartel movie contributing 4 theme tracks. 

Craft Music Productions (Originals & Remixes)


Craft is recognized for co-founding the underground techno event series “Twice as Proper” in 2007 in New York City hosting over 270 curated events in basements, rooftops warehouses and clubs around Manhattan and Brooklyn over a stretch of years. The series has occasionally extended to Detroit, Washington DC, Barcelona, Terracina, Mexico City and Playa del Carmen showcasing international artists alongside local techno and ambient acts. In 2012 he co-found “Feed The Raver” show and was the radio host for 6 seasons regularly airing on Saturdays in the UK and online.

Twice as Proper Purple Aliens

Feed The Raver videos

Events in NYC, Boston, DC, Mexico, Italy & Costa Rica

Craft EP's - Promo videos:

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