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Twice as Proper - Keybar- Craft and Chan
Twice as Proper - Sinister Edition (Legh
Twice as Proper - Tilt with Deepbass
Twice as Proper - Jenny's 34th Birthday.
Twice as Proper - 10 Years (Detroit Edition) August 15 2017
Twice as Proper - 10 anniversary Barcelona edition poster Aug 25 2017
Twice as Proper - 10 Years (Terracina Edition) August 15 2017
Bushwick afters 299 flyer
Twice as Proper - 10 anniversary flyer poster
Twice as Proper - 10 poster (version 2)
Twice as Proper - Jenny's 33 - Flyer
Twice as Proper - Electric Indigo - Flyer (small)
Twice as Proper - 9 Flyer
Twice as Proper - 9
Twice as Proper - Union - October 2 2015
Twice as Proper - 8 anniversary poster print - Brooklyn Warehouse.jpg
Twice as Proper - Ubiquitous Album Release Party - Brooklyn Warehouse.jpg
Twice as Proper square cover 2014.jpg
Twice as Proper - Pristine Generation Album release - Olivia (Brooklyn, NYC) - J
Twice as Proper - 7.jpg
Twice as Proper - Rioma (Mexico City) w- Mike Parker .jpg
Twice As Proper -Jenny's 30th Birthday - La Celestina Coyoacán - México DF - F
Twice as Proper - Brooklyn Olivia w: Luis Flores - December 13th 2013 - Poster.j
Twice as Proper - Suburbano (Mexico City) - October 12th 2013.jpg
Twice as Proper - Brooklyn Techno Showcase - September 1st 2013 - Poster.jpg
Twice As Proper- Brooklyn Loft (private event) - June 30 2013.jpg
Twice as Proper was founded in 2007 by Craft and Shadi as a weekly underground techno party held in Manhattan's Lower East Side. It focused on supporting underground local NYC talent with residencies at Crudo Bar and The Porch (both venues now closed). The first 150 weekly events at these venues did not always have a new flyer. "Twice as Proper - Slut"  was a series of 12 events aside from these residencies held in other basements accross Manhattan and Brooklyn. 
By 2010, monthly residencies began at legendary STAY afterhour basement and Boom (both now closed). The event series were eventually hosted in other cities with an event in Washington DC at Sweet Spot club (now closed), in Detroit at Bikers Bar warehouse and 8 events accross stunning venues in Playa Del Carmen (Mexico). 
In 2011, Twice as Proper began a historic monthly residency at The National Underground basement in NYC (now sadly also closed) 
attracting international techno headliners and always supporting top local artists with 30 basement techno shows in 3 years. In the next era, Twice as Proper hosted Brooklyn showcases at Olivia, 407 Brooklyn warehouse, Ceremony, Studio 299 and Cellar 58, Capri basement and Keybar. Internationally, shows in Mexico City at Suburbano basement, La Celestina and Rioma Club. 10-Year events were hosted in Terracina Italy, Barcelona, Detroit and Brooklyn.
2020 marks the 13th year series expecting to create more memories at intimate events focusing on quality local act and Proper international guests. 
The 5-year anniversary flyer below comprised of all previous flyers forming the number five. The 7-year anniversary event was held in Mexico City. Aliens are often a theme on flyers and at the events. Cover is kept at an underground price. Door staff is friendly and admission is always free wearing a Party People t-shirt. More stuff coming soon. No crap

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