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Short Biography

Born in NYC, Craft is an international techno producer and music composer based in Brooklyn with strong roots in Rome, Italy. He began as a DJ in New York in 1994 and started producing original music by 1999 in Rome. His discography includes over 100 releases in vinyl and digital formats across 15 EP’s, 2 concept albums, collaborations and remixes on more than 40 labels based in a dozen countries. In 2014 he composed a musical score for a Mexican cartel movie contributing 4 theme tracks. In 2018 he produced music for a modern theatre production "L'Abruzzese a New York" and performing with the cast on tour in Abruzzo, Italy and at other similar theatre shows around NYC. In 2019 he began a series of cinematic video and audio collaborations as part of JediCollective.


Craft is recognized for co-founding the underground techno event series “Twice as Proper” in 2007 in New York City hosting over 270 curated events in basements, rooftops warehouses and clubs around Manhattan and Brooklyn over a stretch of years. The series has occasionally extended to Detroit, Washington DC, Barcelona, Terracina, Mexico City and Playa del Carmen showcasing international artists alongside local techno and ambient acts. In 2012 he co-found “Feed The Raver” show and was the radio host for 6 seasons regularly airing on Saturdays in the UK and online. Craft is founder of the Party People™ line of shirts, hoodies, accessories and stickers represented by enthusiasts around the globe since 2007.

Craft podcast Pic - at Bushick Collectiv
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Latest Vinyl 

Craft started producing original music in 1999 

Monday Off VA Vol 3 Cover.jpg
Craft Len Faki Cover Art.jpg
Monday Off VA Vol 3 Cover.jpg
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- Informa Records

- Telemorph

- End of Perception

- Seance Limited

- Monday Off



- Limited

- Ascetic Limited

- No Way Records

- Revelation of Sound

- Dystopian Rhythm

- Next Week Records

- Reloading Records

- Unknown Territory

- Zonativa

- TMM Records

- Otodojo

- Kaputt

- Webuildmachines

- Doppt Zykkler

- Freitag Limited

- Aerotropic 

- Concepto Hipnotico

- Hidden Recordings 

- Rawhard Audio

- De-Konstrukt

- Subtrack Records

- Ill Bomb Records

- Tekseven Records

- Resorted Recordings

- Cromatiq Recordings

- Funk Lab Recordings

- Elastic Gun

- Nosi Music

- Jyre Records

- Syncope Records

- Uberkontrol Records

- Funk Lab Records

- Miniaturesrec

- Faucet Music

- Gee Records

- Mindchip

- Ungeklart Music

- LW Recordings

- Twice as Proper
- Be-At TV @ Halcyon - Brooklyn
- The Works - Detroit
- Bangtech 12 showcase - Detroit
- Cultured Citizens - Detroit
- City Air Detroit - Detroit
- Sub:Division - Detroit
- Mixworks showcase - Detroit
- Devolve - Detroit
- Dirty 313ctronic Productions - Detroit
- TV Lounge - Detroit
- Loop - Detroit
- Next Week Records showcase - Amsterdam
- Electric Planet Music Festival - Toluca, Mexico
- Circeo Summer Beat Festival - Italy
- Sudaka - Mexico City
- Sputnik basement- Tel Aviv
- K Bar - Tel Aviv
- Kusco - Minneapolis
- Set Artists - Washington DC
- Sensory - Washington DC
- Camp With a Thousand Names - Catskills, NY
- 407 Warehouse - Brooklyn, NY
- Aphotic - Brooklyn, NY
- Exhile - Brooklyn, NY
- Sankeys - NYC
- Erratic - NYC
- TBA Brooklyn - NYC
- After Owls - NYC
- No Requests - NYC
- The Lost Room - NYC
- LocalsNYC
- Massive Groove - NYC
- Motive - NYC
- Mnmlktchn - NYC
- Rite of Wednesdays - NYC
- Moment Um - NYC - Just Play! - NYC
- Trilogy showcase - NYC
- Underground Chaos - NYC
- Bacteria Records showcase - NYC
- 4 Us By US - NYC
- Liturgy - NYC
- Eklipze - NYC
- Essential - NYC
- I Love Italian Dj's - NYC
+ many more…
Craft - The Works Detroit - Auhg 6th 201

The Works, Detroit 2015

Twice as Proper 
Stay Basement NYC 2011

Halcyon Be@TV, Brooklyn 2016

Recent press:

- Monument Premiere for "Craft & Mary Yuzovskaya - Schaefer Conclave -[Monday Off]"
- MixMag Spain Premiere and label interview of Craft's original "Lockdown Lounge" released on Node Recordings.
- ClubbersGuideNewYork "Track of the day" for "Craft - Time Will Tell (Len Faki Deepspace Remix) [LF RMX]"
- MixMag printed review "November Techno Tune" for "Craft - Pursuit of Passage [Monday Off]"
- ClubbersGuideNewYork "Track of the day" for "Aerodromme - Astronomical Unit (Craft Remix) [TMM Records]"
- Be-At TV coverage of Craft  rare Vinyl set at Halcyon record shop in Brooklyn.
- ClubbersGuideNewYork "Track of the day" for "Craft - Europa Terminus [Doppt Zykkler Series]"
- ClubbersGuideNewYork "Track of the day" for "Craft - Bludgeon [Next Week Records]"
- Samuli Kempii opens with "Anguish" on Deep Space Helsinki radio show and talks about Craft's 2015 release.
- ClubbersGuideNewYork "Track of the day" for "Craft - Mystic Enclosure [Doppt Zykkler Series]"
- Subsekt interview "Bringing The Underground Back To New York" while in Amsterdam in 2014.
- Mexican gangster movie "El Ocaso Del Cazador" features 4 Craft productions. 
- ClubbersGuideNewYork extended interview + guestmix 2011 + 20012 + 2013 + 2014
- Beatport Staff Picks: "Craft - Fondle Knobs EP - [Cromatiq Recordings]"
- Beatport Staff Picks (Techno section): "Duckhunter - Cryogenic Lab (Craft Remix) - [Elastic Gun]" 
- Ibiza Voice Magazine: artist page + full page EP review - "Craft - The Bitch I Love EP – [Ill Bomb Records]"
- Beatport: "New Releases" feature + banner - "Craft - Brooklyn Beautiful EP – [Subtrak Records]"
-"Derek Marin - Midnight Cruiser (Craft Remix) featured in "Subtrak Heart - Best of Subtrak Records" compilation.
- "Chamomile - Nikolayev (Craft Remix)" featured on 2012 Techno Anthems Compilation
- "Craft - The Bitch I Love (Duckhunter Remix)" re-released on "3 Years of Ill Bomb Records" compilation.
- Magazine Sixty: review on Hidden Recordings remix - "Signal Deluxe - Mercado Negro (Craft Remix)"

Guest mix Radio shows & podcasts:

Feed The Raver Podcast show - hosted by Craft 2012-2018
. Monument Podcast - Oslo, Norway
- Acquario Immersioni - Milan
- Komorebi Music Festival podcast - Milan
- Munitum Podcast - Italy
- Revelation Sessions - USA
- No Way Records Podcast - Torino
- The Vortex - Washington DC, USA
- Parallel Perception Series - Tel Aviv, Israel
- Monday Off Podcast - Brooklyn
- Owt Podcast - Germany
- Voyager Podcast - Birmingham
- Aural Shift - Buffalo, NY
- D-Node - Droid Behavior - LA
- Dystopin Rhythm Podcast 2013 + 2014 - Detroit
- ClubbersGuideNewYork – Guest mix 2011 + 2012 + 2013 + 2014 + 2016 - NYC
- Orbiting Giants radio show - Berlin
- Spectral Rebel Podcast - Italy
- TechnoFist - Washington DC
- Erratic Podcast - NYC
- Blank Code Podcast - Detroit
- Spotlight Podcast - UK
- Business Class Records Podcast - Colombia
- Subterror Radio with DJ Shiva - Indianapolis
- Multiplex Radio show - Valencia, Spain
- Waves radio show - Valencia, Spain
- Aphotc Relics - NYC
- The Forgotten with Oxum - Mexico
- Owls Dance - Miami
- Mocean District – radio show - Miami
- Fnoob Techno Radio
- Seance Radio UK
- Storm:Kraft Radio
- COCO FM - Miami
- Clubbing FM
- Element 44 Music Radio - NYC
- Aerotropic Archives - NYC
- Underground Movement Show - Electronic Rhythm - NYC
- East Village Radio - Future music – radio show - NYC
- Bacteria Records Podcast - Puerto Rico
- LocalsNYC Guest Mix - NYC
- The Conduit – Podcast - USA
- 2011 World Technothon - USA
+ more…

Latest Podcasts


-Craft – Wifi Brain – [Faucet Music]
-Derek Marin – Midnight Cruiser (Craft remix) – [Subtrak Records]
-Duckhunter – Glass (Craft remix) – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Duckhunter – 2020 Vision (Craft remix) – [Gee Records]
-Signal Deluxe – Mercado Negro (Craft remix) – [Hidden Recordings]
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Original) – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Craft – I Can’t See – [Uberkontrol Records]
-Craft – Flying on a Plane – [Uberkontrol Records]
-Silvio Malla – 12 Inch Playa (Craft remix) – [Syncope Recordz]
-Craft – Highways & Jungles – [Syncope Recordz]
-Craft – Restricted Nightlife – [Syncope Recordz]
-Duckhunter – White Light (Craft remix) – [Uberkontrol Records]
-Craft – Poser Politics - – [Freitag Limited]
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful - [Subtrak Records]
-Martyn Mlostekk - The Sentinel (Craft Remix) - [Syncope Recordz]
-Chamomille - First Time I Hit It (Craft remix) - [Miniaturesrec]
-Chamomille - AntzinPants (Craft remix) - [Miniaturesrec]
-Chamomile - Nikolayev (Craft Remix) - [Ill Bomb Records]
-Ochu LaRoss - DLX6-2 (Craft Remix) - [Minichip]
-Craft - Fondle Knobs- [Cromatiq Recordings]
-Craft – Joystick Dick - [Cromatiq Recordings]
-Boaz - Ant Farm in Madrid (Craft remix) - [Jyre Records]
-Craft - Brooklyn Beautiful (Craft Brooklyn to Playa Remix)
-Craft - Laureates of the Dark (Original Mix) - [Freitag Limited]
-Sick-B - Subtance (Craft Remix) - [Ungeklart Music]
-Duckhunter - Grenade (Craft Remix) - [NOSI Music]
-Jhon Spark - Wonderful (Craft Remix) - [Subtrak Records]
-Monktec - Dead Weight (Craft Remix) - Free Download
-Empty_Room - Steady Balance (Craft Remix) - [Reloading Records]
-Feyser & Dolby D - Relief Sound (Craft Remix) - [Kaputt] 
-Chamomile - Metrotech (Craft Remix) - [De-Konstruct]
-Garrett Dillon - Broken One - [Dystopian Rhythm] 
-Duckhunter - Cryogenic (Craft Remix) - [Elastic Gun]
-Craft - Basement Outside (Original Mix) - [Concepto Hipnotico]
-Craft - No Crap Theory (Original Mix) - [Concepto Hipnotico]
-Asher Perkins - Not Here (Craft Remix) - [Resorted Recordings]
-Mthmphtmn - Uppkost (Craft Remix) - [Rawhard Audio Records]
-Craft – Ignore Delete - [De-Konstrukt]
-Craft - What Blizzard (Original Mix) - [De-Konstrukt]
-Junior Riveira - Cromatiq (Craft Remix) - [Cromatiq Recordings]
-Tekseven - Start (Craft Remix) - [Tekseven Records]
-Craft - Spacialiazation of Time (Original Mix) - [Next Week Records] 
-Craft - Warehouse Boat Party (Original Mix) - [Next Week Records]
-Craft - Missing Out (Original Mix) - [Next Week Records]
-Craft - Fountainhead (Original Mix) - [Next Week Records]
=The Funk Lab - Bright Lights (Craft Remix) - [Funk Lab Recordings]
-Craft - Man in the Machine (Original Mix) - [Aerotropic]
-Craft - The Broke Underground (Original Mix) - [Aerotropic]
-Craft - Hypnotic Poise (Original Mix) - [Aerotropic]
-Craft - Dolphins Go Away (Original Mix) - [Aerotropic]
-Craft - Pristine Generation (Original Mix) - [Aerotropic]
-Craft - Blood Moon (Original Mix) - [Aerotropic]
-Craft - Massive Space (Original Mix) - [Aerotropic]
-Craft - Proximate Sequela (Original Mix) - [Aerotropic]
-Craft - Fauna (Original Mix) - [Aerotropic]
-Craft - Van Intony (Original Mix) - [Aerotropic]
-Tunnel - The Fever (Black River) (Craft Remix) - [Webuildmachines]

-Craft - Anguish (Original Mix) - [Aerotropic]

-Craft -  Over The Mountain (Original Mix) -  [Aerotropic]

-Craft - Planet Destination (Original Mix) -  [Aerotropic]

-Craft - G9.1 - [Limited]

-Craft - Mysteries of the Sun [Unknown Territory]

-Craft - Mystic Enclosure - [Doppt Zykkler Series]
-Craft - Fundburo - [Doppt Zykkler Series]
-Craft - Europa Terminus - [Doppt Zykkler Series]
-Craft- G10.10 [Limited]
-Craft - Civilized Madness [Zonativa]
-Craft - G12.2 Tradgedy of the Commons [Limited]
-Craft - Hypnotic Poise (Chanski Remix) [Chanski]
-Craft - Time Will Tell [Ascetic Limited]
-Otodojo - Cavern (Craft Remix) [Otodojo]
-Aerodromme - Astronomical Unit (Craft Remix) [TMM Records]
-Deepbass and Craft - Persistence (Original Mix [Informa Records]
-Craft - Corpus Callosum (Original Mix) [End of Perception]
-Craft - Mastering the Balance of Chaos [Informa Records]
-Craft - Presidia [Informa Records]
-Craft - Bene Comune [Informa Records]
-Craft - Presidia (|nertia Remix) [Informa Records]
-Craft - Mastering the Balance of Chaos (Ambient) [Informa Records
-Craft - The Black Box [Seance Records]
-Craft - The Elosed Conquest Seance Records]
-Craft - Hypothesis [Seance Records]
-Craft - Hypothesis (Dorian Gray Remix) [Seance Records]
-Craft - Time Will Tell (Len Faki Deepspace Remix) [LF RMX]
-!nertia - Moska (Craft Remix) [Informa Records]
-Craft -  Modus Vivendi [Microtones]
-Windand C - Inductive Inference (Craft Remix) [Revelation of Sound]
-Andrea Cossu - Von Meer Getragen (Craft Remix)  [No Way Records]
-Craft - Meaningful Silence [Ascetic Limited X One Night Collective]
-Craft - Lockdown Lounge [Node Recordings]
-Kontinum- Iglu (Craft Remix) [N F E R E E ]
-Mary Yuzovskaya & Craft - Schaefer Conclave [Monday Off]
-Craft - Forest Basement [Mnestic]

EP Releases:

The Bitch I Love EP – [Ill Bomb Records]
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Original Mix)
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Duckhunter remix)
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Monktec remix)
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Derek Marin remix)
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Owen Sands remix)
-Craft – The Bitch I Love (Justin Kase remix)
Stay Underground EP– [Uberkontrol Records]
-Craft – I Can’t See (Original Mix)
-Craft – Flying on a Plane (Original Mix)
Craft – Highways & Jungles EP– [Syncope Recordz]
-Craft – Highways & Jungles (Original Mix)
-Craft – Restricted Nightlife (Original Mix)
Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful EP – [Subtrak Records]
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful (Original Mix)
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful (Derek Marin Brooklyn to Detroit remix)
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful (Duckhunter remix)
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful (Monktec remix)
-Craft – Brooklyn Beatuiful (Signal Deluxe remix)
-Craft - Brooklyn Beautiful (Ochu LaRoss remix)
-Craft - Brooklyn Beautiful (Chamomile remix)
-Craft - Brooklyn Beautiful (Justin Schumacher remix)
-Craft - Brooklyn Beautiful (Jhon Spark remix)
Craft – Poser Politics EP – [Freitag Limited]
-Craft – Poser Politics (Original Mix)
-Craft – Poser Politics (Andres Gil remix)
-Craft – Poser Politics (Splatter remix)
-Craft – Poser Politics (Monktec remix)
Craft - Fondle Knobs EP - [Cromatiq Recordings]
-Craft – Joystick Dick (Original Mix)
-Craft - Fondle Knobs (Original Mix)
Craft - Fondle Knobs Remixes EP - [Cromatiq Recordings]
-Craft – Joystick Dick (Bruno Ledesma Remix)
-Craft - Fondle Knobs (Junior Riveira Remix)
Basement Outside EP - [Concepto Hipnotico]
Craft - No Crap Theory (Original Mix)
Craft - Basement Outside (Original Mix)
Craft - Basement Outside (RFS Remix)
Craft - Basement Outside (Garrett Dillon Remix)
Craft - Basement Outside (Bruno Ledesma Remix)
Ignore Delete EP - [De-Konstrukt]
- Craft - Ignore Delete (Original Mix)
- Craft - Ignore Delete (Monktec Remix)
- Craft - What Blizzard (Original Mix)
- Craft - What Blizzard (Empty_Room Remix)
The Spacialization of Time EP - [Next Week Records]
- Craft - The Spacialization of Time (Original Mix)
- Craft - Missing Out (Original Mix)
- Craft - Warehouse Boat Party (Original Mix) 
- Craft - Fountainhead (Original Mix) 
Over The Mountain EP [Aerotropic]

-Craft - Anguish (Original Mix)

-Craft -  Over The Mountain (Original Mix)

-Craft - Planet Destination (Original Mix)


Mystic Enclosure EP - [Doppt Zykkler Series]
- Craft - Mystic Enclosure
- Craft - Fundburo
- Craft - Europa Terminus
Mastering the Balance of Chaos EP [Informa Records]
-Craft - Mastering the Balance of Chaos 
-Craft - Presidia 
-Craft - Bene Comune 
-Craft - Presidia (|nertia Remix)
-Craft - Mastering the Balance of Chaos (Ambient Mix)
-Craft - The Black Box EP [Seance Records]
-Craft - The Black Box 
-Craft - The Elosed Conquest
-Craft - Hypothesis 
-Craft - Hypothesis (Dorian Gray Remix) 

Pristine Generation Album 2014

"Pristine Generation" is a journey through time in the mind of Craft spanning over a decade unveiled by unreleased Original Audio Stories that have been brought back to life in a special way from the earliest days of his creations throughout until today. 


A craft is a pastime or a profession that requires some particular kind of skilled work. In a historical sense, particularly as pertinent to the Middle Ages and earlier, the term is usually applied to people occupied in small-scale production of goods, or their maintenance. The traditional term craftsman is nowadays often replaced by artisan. In 1994, Craft chose his name for the blending of tracks to create an audio story using hands on turntables and a mixer with knobs and faders. Live creativity with music.

Pristine Generation Album - [Aerotropic]
- Craft - Man in the Machine (Original Mix)
- Craft - The Broke Underground (Original Mix)
- Craft - Hypnotic Poise (Original Mix)
- Craft - Dolphins Go Away (Original Mix)
- Craft - Pristine Generation (Original Mix)
- Craft - Blood Moon (Original Mix)
- Craft - Massive Space (Original Mix)
- Craft - Proximate Sequela (Original Mix)
- Craft - Fauna (Original Mix)
- Craft - Van Intony (Original Mix)

Upcoming Releases:

-Chanski - Unknown Artisan (Craft Remix) [Chanski]
-Craft - Close Distance [unsigned]
-Craft - A World Without Sound [unsigned]
Craft - Lockdown Lounge (Original Mix)  [Node Recordings]
Andrea Cossu - Vom Meer Getragen (Craft Remix)  [No Way Records]
The Unexpected LP:
Era (Original Mix) 
Bliss (Original Mix) 
An Ocean Apart (Original Mix) 
The Unexpected (Original Mix) 
Illusion of Hope (Original Mix) 
Perspective (Original Mix) 
Shifting Concerns (Original Mix) 
New Colors (Original Mix) 
Remains From The Past (Original Mix) 
Analog Therapy (Original Mix) 
Return to Dawn (Original Mix) 

Latest Tracks

Maschine mk3 pic.png


Craft started as DJ in 1994 in NYC and producing original music in Rome 1999 

Full Bio:

Born in NYC, Craft bought his technics 1200's & Vestax mixer at age 14 with his own life savings in 1994. He taught himself the skill of beat matching and studied the art of blending tracks smoothly to perfection with persistence. He began producing music in 1999 under the name "Craft". He performs regularly in the NYC underground techno scene for his established Twice as Proper techno events and at international showcase events and festivals. He evolved from the Vinyl-only days to CDj’s of all types, and also performs with live layers of effects with controllers. 


Craft co-created the NYC techno movement "Twice as Sweet" with his partner Shadi in 2007. It was later renamed "Twice as Proper" and has reached over 270 events  with an illustrious list of over 130 guest DJ bookings in venues across Manhattan, Brooklyn and cities such as Detroit, Washington DC and internationally in Playa del Carmen, Mexico City, Terracina and Barcelona.


In 2010, Craft traveled to Europe for his Italy Dj tour to Milan, Rome, and Terracina, then experienced an incredible Costa Rica DJ Tour covered by national media (radio and TV) and hosted 8 Twice as Proper events in 5 stunning venues of Playa del Carmen, Mexico as well as events in NYC.


In 2011, Craft performed on the main room at "The Works" during Detroit Movement Electronic Music Festival afterparty, as well as debuting in Washington DC at Funxion and Sweet Spot, and at Boston’s famous Rise afterhours club headlining the main room all night. He was approached by countless labels for remixes and original EP’s and is now signed on over 40 top labels based in a dozen countries. Craft currently has released 15 EP's, a concept album and countless remixes and collaborations. 


In 2012, Craft hosted near 20 Twice as Proper events in NYC and showcased for "Cultured Citizens" event at The Old Miami in Detroit. He performed at 5 official afterparty events during Detroit's 2012 Movement Festival, including performances at The Works, Belle Isle, Bookie's, TV Bar, and Motor-City Wine. Later in the year, Craft headlined again at The Works for a "Devolve Detroit" event. 


2013 performances continued with monthly shows in NYC for Twice as Proper. Live recordings were often featured on relevant techno podcasts from around the world. Craft returned to Detroit for performances at 2 events during the 2013 Movement Electronic Music Festival performing at The Works and The Magic Stick and was back in Detroit for a large summer stage performance at Sindbad's Marina for "Dirty 313 Productions" Riverside Groove day festival event held in front of the APBA Gold Cup hydroplane boat races. Craft later hosted a "Twice as Proper" event in Mexico City at Suburbano basement.


In 2014, Craft performed at the Electric Planet Music Festival in Toluca, Mexico and hosted several Twice as Proper events in Mexico City at Rioma Club and Celestina. He performed at a Spaceship stage event in Dallas hosted by "Source 20/20". Other US performances include shows in Detroit during the 2014 Movement festival at Bang Tech 12 hosted by Detroit Techno Miliitia, "Sensory" event in Washington DC and Twice as Proper events in Brooklyn at Olivia and 407 warehouse. European shows in Amsterdam at Beat Club for Next Week Records and Circeo Summer Beat Festival on top of ancient Roman Acropoli ruins on the mountain above the sea in Italy. September shows include Sudaka Club in Mexico City, The Works in Detroit and a MTM show in Minneapolis then closing the year hosting two events at 407 warehouse in Brooklyn.


In 2015, Craft performed at Movement festival afterparties in Detroit at Northern lights, Exodos and The Works.  Twice as Proper hosted several events at 407 warehouse and one at Cellar 58.  Craft released music on major techno labels and performed at showcases such as Aphotic, The Long Count, Lost Sundays and others in New York.


In 2016, Craft hosted Twice as Proper showcases in Brooklyn at 407 warehouse, Studio 299, Ceremony  and played multiple unannounced afterhours in Bushwick. Appearances in Detroit included official Movement festival afterparties with shows at The Works, The Whisky Disco and a secret warehouse for City Air Detroit, Cultured Citizens and Sub:Division. He was invited to play a rare vinyl set on Be-At TV in Brooklyn at Halcyon record shop and then TBA Brooklyn alongside turntablist-duo, Detroit Techno Militia.  Craft returned to headline The Works for the "Loop" afterparty event during Charivari Detroit festival performing alongside a lineup of all-Detroit artists.  

In 2017, Craft released on several labels in digital and vinyl formats. His music score for the movie "El Ocazo del Cazador" premiered in theaters around Mexico where he also performed for Zonativa label Showcase. In Brooklyn he performed at legendary 407 warehouse afterhours, ClubbersGuideNewYork showcase at Halcyon, Exhile Radio and hosted Twice as Proper events at The Place, Tilt basement and 299 Studio afterhours.10-year celebration events were also hosted at Sirenella Beach in Terracina Italy, Upload Club in Barcelona and a secret warehouse afterours in Detroit. Craft also performed at the first  Cultured Citizens FOG event warehouse afterhours in Detroit. 

In 2018 Twice as Proper hosted several Brooklyn events at Tilt basement and Holo. Craft performed at Camp With a Thousand Names, a nature festival near Woodstock in the Catskills and in Detroit at The Orange Room, a legendary secret carpeted venue below a garage. Other appearances in Brooklyn at Bossa Nova and Holo. Craft produced 2 tracks for a modern theatre production "L'Abruzzese a New York" and went on tour with the cast in Italy's Abruzzo region ending with a Twice as Proper afterparty on the famous scenic hills near Montepulciano. Craft released several remixes and worked on collaborations scheduled for future vinyl releases.

In 2019, Craft hosted Twice as Proper events at legendary Keybar in the Lower East Side in NYC and performed twice in Detroit at private after-hours and historic Lehland City Club, an abandoned and decaying hotel once glamorous more than a century ago, He returned to perform a sunrise set near Woodstock in the Catskills at Camp With a Thousand Names and later in Dallas, Texas at a large warehouse event for Source 20/20 + Capsul. Internationally, Craft performed in Tel Aviv, Israel at Sputnik basement and K Bar afterhours. The year ended nicely with performances in Brooklyn at Rave Wedding and Red Lights warehouse events.

Craft produced 15 EP's and his first full-length concept album in 2014 including 4 tracks featured in a Mexican ganster movie "El Ocaso del Cazador" projected in 350 theaters in 2017. A slew of releases in Vinyl and digital formats to be released on many top labels including full EP's, a concept album and singles including collaborations and remixes with international techno producers.


Feed The Raver is a techno show founded, hosted and produced by Craft for the first 6 seasons since 2012 supporting local techno artists from around the world. It also featured notable interviews and official Detroit Movement festival media coverage in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 interviewing international techno DJ's as well as promoting the festival itself. In 2015, Feed The Raver began its broadcast on Seance radio from the UK and was media partener at Charivari Detroit festival on Belle Isle.


Craft created and designed the "Party People" trademark In 2007 with T-Shirts, hoodies, hats, bags and stickers represented by enthusiasts around the world.



About Craft's music production software choices:

Craft first began producing in 1999 with programs such as ReBirth (which emulates two Roland TB-303 synthesizers, a Roland TR-808, and a Roland TR-909 drum machine) and Cakewalk for final arrangements. He then used strictly Propellerhead's Reason for five years, from its first version launched in 2000 through version 3 when he finally migrated to Apple’s Logic 7 in 2005. Today he continues to use mainly Logic, which has now reached version X, as well as Maschine, Komlete Kontrol, Ableton, Reason, Korg Gadget and other rewired software using multiple keyboards and controllers in the studio. Craft taught himself everything and is a true master at using the complicated features of various professional music production programs. The results are evident with the continuous releases which have now earned him an international reputation,  2 decades in the making.
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