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Twice as Proper is a New York City underground techno events series founded in 2007 showcasing international producers, DJ's, live acts and visual artists alongside curated local acts.

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Proper Gear. Made in Brooklyn. 

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Be Safe. Be Proper. 
Party People Responsible.

Twice as Proper is home to the official Party People™ store. It is a platform founded in 2007 as a New York City underground techno events series by Craft & Shadi who co-created the movement "Twice as Sweet" which later became "Twice as Proper Sessions". The website hosts all things pertaining to Craft Music Productions with details on over 100 releases on 40+ labels since 1999. Twice as Proper has been recognized as pioneer event series in NYC and the international techno community with over 270 events over 13 years and an illustrious list of DJ bookings in venues across Manhattan, Brooklyn, nationally and abroad. By maintaining an intimate setting, the sense of community is preserved, music remains the main focus and a passionate community prevails.
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Craft is internationally recognized for co-founding the underground techno event series “Twice as Proper” in 2007 in New York City hosting over 270 curated music events in basements, rooftops warehouses and clubs around Manhattan and Brooklyn over many years. The series occasionally extended to Detroit, Washington DC, Barcelona, Terracina, Mexico City and Playa del Carmen showcasing international artists alongside local techno and ambient acts. In 2012 Craft co-found “Feed The Raver” show and was the radio host for 6 seasons airing on Saturdays on Seance Radio in the UK and online.


Craft is founder of the Party People™ line of shirts, hoodies, hats accessories and stickers represented by enthusiasts around the globe since 2007.

Craft Music Productions

Born in NYC, Craft is an international techno producer and music composer based in Brooklyn with strong roots in Rome, Italy. He began as a DJ in New York in 1994 and started producing original music in 1999 in Rome.


His discography includes over 100 releases in vinyl and digital formats across 15 EP’s, 2 concept albums, collaborations and remixes on more than 40 labels based in a dozen countries. In 2014 he composed a musical score for a Mexican cartel movie contributing 4 theme tracks. In 2018 he produced music for a modern theatre production and performed it on tour in Abruzzo, Italy and at other similar theatre shows around NYC. In 2019 he began a series of cinematic video and audio collaborations as part of JediCollective.

Craft uses Logic Pro since 2007 counting over 100 releases on 45+ labels



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